Birtle, Manitoba

Prairie View Municipality

Unofficial Election Results

Reeve Linda Clark - Acclaimed

Ward 1 (former RM of Miniota)

Howard, David – Acclaimed

Oliver, Darcy – Incumbent Acclaimed

Salmon, Lyle - Incumbent Acclaimed

Ward 2 (former RM of Birtle)

Bertram, Charles – Incumbent Acclaimed

Butler, Morley – Incumbent Acclaimed

Ward 3 (former Town of Birtle)

Wilson, Roger - Elected - 156 Votes 

Fulcher, Michael - Incumbent Elected - 102 votes

Irwin, Marcella - Incumbent - 84 votes

Fiddler, Gaspard - Incumbent - 80 votes

Wilander, Ken - 29 votes

Voter Turnout was 44%

Local Urban District (LUD) Miniota

Brown, Jamie - Incumbent Elected - 84 votes

Armitage, Rita - Elected - 65 votes

Gardham, Loree - Incumbent Elected - 63 votes

Poppel, Jeff - 61 votes

Voter Turnout to be determined


For further information regarding the amalgamation of the Town of Birtle, RM of Birtle and the RM of Miniota please click here.

The quality of life in the Birtle region is foremost in the minds of the people who make up this scenic valley community with its rolling landscapes, stretching out in all directions. As you the prospective resident and/or businessperson, will soon agree, we enjoy a very attractive region of our province. A panoramic scene of nature's beauty beckons you to stay and make Birtle more than just a place to visit

 New Subdivision: 8 lots available for building this summer.  Southeast views across the valley. Click logo for more information or contact the CDC Office 204-842-3602.


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